Beauty sleeps on the calm dreamy bosom of the ocean, or lives in the dance of its wild waves. ~T.C. Henley

Ocean Wave - Oils Art
The crashing wave beholds a memorizing sight on the Hawaii shoreline
El Morro Fort Cuba - Oils Art Painting
Havana's richest historical landmark El Morro fortress stands to yet another sunset
Canoeing On the River - Oil Painting
Solution for the stress of life, a canoe and a river.
Fall River - Oils Art
Autumn leaves adrift in a rambling mountain stream
Havasupai Falls - Oils Art
Vibrant blue water and grand rocks create an ambiance of ethereal beauty in Havasupai canyon
Sailboat Along Shore - Oils Art
A sailboat skirting along the shoreline at twilight on the Cuban seascape
Mount Fuji Volcano - Oils Art
The sleepy snow capped volcano of Mount Fuji resides at water's edge